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Gloucester porter Lloyd – who's 86 – has been with the store since day it opened in 1982

March 24, 2023 11:08am
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Eighty-six-year-old porter Lloyd Jones – one of our oldest employees – has worked at our Gloucester store since the day it opened more than 40 years ago.

Lloyd joined Asda on the 18th November 1982, just days before the grand opening, and he's has never looked back.

He's a firm favourite with customers and colleagues, is always happy to help whenever and wherever he's needed and likes to have a chat with customers while he's tidying up the trolleys.

Lloyd, who's been married to Jill for 50 years and has a son, Steven, said the reason that he's stayed at the store all these years was the people and atmosphere.

He said: "I like to look after our customers and make sure that the car park is all stocked up with trolleys and is tidy and a clean place to go into.

"I see the same customers each week and I know quite a few of them after working here so long. I like to have a chat with them when I can and if anyone of them ever needs any help all they have to do is come over and give me a shout. I like to help whenever I can.

"When the store opened I needed a job and I was taken permanently taken on about a month later. I remember the day it opened. There was some traffic queues as people were keen to get in here.

"I didn't expect to work here all this time, but I still enjoy it. I like to meet people and love working with my colleagues.

"The nature of the job has changed over the years and the store has definitely grown too.'

Regular customer Paula Slade said: "I love coming to Asda and bumping into Lloyd. He always wishes me a good day and speaks to my son. If he sees my trolley empty, he always saves me going to the trolley bay to put it back."

Customer trading manager Sam Mahoney-Campbell said: "Lloyd's dedication to the job is outstanding. He's a joy to spend time with and a lovely character to be around".

And community champion Fay Edwards said: "I have so much respect for Lloyd. After a recent knee op he couldn't to come back to work and show it off. I missed him when he was off so I made sure we caught up on the phone.

"I have never known anyone like Lloyd before. Whenever we chat it always ends with laughter. He's such a joy to be around. All the colleagues, old and new, enjoy his company. We need more Lloyds in this world!"

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