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Bradley from Parkgate saves day after customer's car wouldn't start

March 29, 2023 10:25am
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Well done to Bradley Miranda from our Parkgate supermarket in Rotherham saved the day when a customer's car wouldn't start.

Bradley, who's 24, drove the lady home in his own car along with her shopping to collect her key and then brought her back to the store.

Bradley, who’s worked at the store for four years, said: “I’d just served the lady on the till and as I was going for my break I saw her again and she looked rather worried. She told me that her car was a keyless one and she'd left her keys at home by mistake.

"The car had obviously detected her keys were nearby - she said they must have been in her jacket pocket hung up in the house. She got down here to the store okay but then when she got to leave with her shopping she realised she hadn’t got her key on her so the car wouldn’t start!

“She tried to get hold of her son but couldn’t, so I said I’d take her home for the keys, it wasn’t far about ten minutes away. It was no problem.

"She was very grateful and kept thanking me all the time as we drove back to the store. I’ll always try to help anyone that I can. I'm always in a good mood, well I try to be.”

Store manager Stacey Slack who nominated Bradley for an Asda service superstar award for his kindness, said: "The lady was really complimentary of the service Bradley had given to her.

"Bradley is a very kind guy and will do anything for anyone. He will also go out of his work to help customers – as will all our colleagues here."

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