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Chloe from our Hinckley store jumps for joy after winning trampolining trophies

April 6, 2023 10:35am
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Everyone at our Hinckley store is so proud of their 19-year-old colleague Chloe Ward who's won a host of medals and trophies for trampolining.

When colleagues heard that Chloe won a regional qualifier at the British Gymnastics championships which means she will compete in the National Championship later this year they asked her to bring in her medals.

Chloe, who has learning disabilities, started working part time at our store after leaving college last year and has fast become an invaluable member of the team.

She said: "I like my job; it's really good and I like meeting new people. Everyone here is so helpful and supportive. I do the parcels and the self scan. I'm always happy.

"The customers are friendly and the store is friendly. The colleagues here are really nice too."

Chloe started trampolining six years ago and is a member of Charnwood Trampoline Club, where she goes to train once a week. She was national champion in her disability category in 2019 and recently won gold in the regional British Gymnastic championships in Nottingham.

She said: "I love trampolining as I get to meet new friends. My favourite bit is when I learn new moves. I do somersaults and cradles and go in the air. I coach people now too.

"It's a bit nerve-wracking at competitions but when you win it's a really good feeling. My dream is to learn new skills and get better and better."

Chloe's mum Clare said she couldn't be any prouder of her daughter, both at work and in her sporting achievements.

She said: "She loves working at Asda. She's come on so much in her confidence since being there. She will talk to anyone too and she's always smiling.

"Asda have been fantastic and so supportive, training her in all aspects of the role as well. They have really found her strengths and are really playing to them. We'd like to thank Asda for all that they've done.

"Working there gives her that extra independence too. It gets her out of the house and earning a wage.

"I'm so proud of her. She tries so hard with all her training for trampolining too and she's made some great friends through it. She really loves her trampolining and it's great way of exercising too.

"She recently won a regional qualifier which means that she'll be able to represent the East Midlands when it comes to the National Championships later this year, which is brilliant.

"When her colleagues at Asda found out about it they made such a fuss of her and told her to bring her medal in."

Everyone at the store is delighted with Chloe's achievements.

Service section leader Annie Burn said: "Chloe has a very have-a-go attitude, is always positive and bubbly, and is always happy to help the customers. We are very proud of her. She's a real asset to Asda Hinckley."

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