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Lisa from Asda Havant cares for elderly customer after he took a tumble in store

April 18, 2023 03:35pm
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A big thank you to Lisa Whitelock from our Havant store who stayed with and cared for one of our older customers after he lost his footing and fell over breaking his hip.

Lisa Whitelock from Asda Havant

Customer service colleague Lisa, who's worked at the store for 23 years, held the man's hand and comforted him as best she could until an ambulance arrived, and has now been nominated for an Asda service superstar award for her care and compassion.

Lisa said: "I was just walking along an aisle when I saw the gentleman just fall over his feet and crash to the floor. Unfortunately I was too far away to catch him.

"I tried to get him to his feet but he was in so much pain he just had to lie down. A colleague phoned for an ambulance and we just made him warm and comfortable with a duvet and blankets."

Lisa knelt alongside the gentleman, who's in his 70s, holding his hand and talking to him all the time as they waited for medics to arrive.

She said: "He was so lovely and I really felt for him. We talked about all sorts of things, family mainly."

An ambulance crew took him to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth where he is recovering.

Lisa said she was "gobsmacked" to be nominated for an award. She said: "I just thought of my dad and if the same thing had happened to him then I'd hope that someone would do the same for him."

Store manager Steve Matthews said everyone at the store was proud of Lisa.

He said: "How Lisa went above and beyond, and the recognition she has received is no surprise to me. She is a fantastic colleague who always puts our customers at the heart of everything she does. Well done and thank you, Lisa!"

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