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Charlton delivery driver Adam saves elderly customer who collapsed at home

April 27, 2023 07:52pm
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Home shopping driver Adam Brinkley from our Charlton store knew something was wrong when one of his regular customers – a man in his 80s – wasn't standing on his doorstep ready to greet him as usual when he arrived with his groceries.

And his instincts proved correct as the gentleman had fallen in the night, cutting his head, and couldn't get up off the floor.

When Adam got no response when he rang the doorbell and phoned the gentleman he went to a neighbour to raise the alarm.

They managed to contact the gentleman's daughter who gave them the code for a key safe and they were able to let themselves into his home, where they found the gentleman had fallen down upstairs and was in a great deal of pain and distress.

An ambulance was called and both Adam and the neighbour made the gentleman more comfortable and got him a drink.

Adam also put the gentleman's shopping away for him while they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Thirty-five-year-old Adam, who's worked at the store for nine years, said: "I've been delivering to the gentleman ever since I started working at the Charlton store. He's such a friendly chap and very chatty. He's always at the door when I arrive, so when he wasn't there I thought something was up.

"When we got into the house we heard moaning from upstairs. It was 2pm and he was in his pyjamas so he'd probably been lying there for some time. He'd somehow taken a tumble. He was so relieved to see us and kept thanking us.

"Thankfully he was okay in the end. He spent a night in the hospital and needed some patching up, but was otherwise fine. He was back on his feet again in no time. It could have been a lot worse however.

"He and his daughter were very grateful and humbled by the genuine concern for his welfare and safety. He said he was very happy that he'd booked a shopping delivery for that day."

Frankie Cooper, the store's online trading manager, said: "It's a good job it was Adam who delivered that day as he knew the customer's routine and knew something wasn't quite right. If he hadn't arrived when he did it could have been a lot worse – it doesn't bear thinking about. Thank god he noticed something and raised the alarm.

"Adam's a lovely bloke, a very, very thoughtful and kind man. As soon as I got told what had happened as they said it was one of my drivers I knew straight away that it would be Adam."

Adam has now been nominated for an Asda service superstar award for his actions.

He said: "I was really surprised and very pleased. If you see anybody in some sort of distress or a not-very-nice situation then you go and help, don't you."

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