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Colleagues give Leo a day to remember at his favourite place – Asda Coventry!

May 19, 2023 08:13am
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Six-year-old Leo Fox had a day to remember when our Coventry store's community champion Lynda Cole gave him a VIP tour of the supermarket where he even got to sit on store manager Oliver Gillespie's big chair!

Leo's nan Linda Whiteman got in touch to let us know that Asda was his favourite place in Coventry so we invited him in and gave him his own Asda green T-shirt, name badge and lanyard.

Linda said: "I regularly go to the store but in the school holidays I always take Leo and his little sister Lara, who's four. We always go to the cafe and they love it there."

When one of the teachers at Leo's school, Clifford Bridge Academy, asked the class what their favourite place in Coventry was, some said the cinema or the park, but not Leo, who said it was Asda!

Linda said: "I wrote to Oliver at the store to tell him and he kindly invited Leo in for a special tour. I went with him along with his mum, Danielle. He had such a wonderful day, it meant so much to him. Lynda and Oliver were amazing.

"Leo got to make his own pizza and even sat in Oliver's chair which he loved. We then went to the cafe for chicken nuggets and chips. All the colleagues there were so friendly and kind too.

"Leo was kindly given some gifts, including a toy Asda van, as well as an Asda T-shirt, name badge and lanyard. He loves his lanyard and thinks it gives her special powers every time he goes in the store."

Store manager Oliver said: "When we received a letter from Leo’s nan letting us know that Asda Coventry was Leo’s favourite place we just had to invite him in and let the Asda team say a massive hello and welcome him into the Asda family. Lynda gave Leo a day he wouldn’t forget. We are so glad he enjoyed his day.

"He has an amazing personality who will be a loyal supporter for life."

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