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Checkouts colleague Mavis from Asda Folkestone celebrates 80th birthday

June 5, 2023 11:03am
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Everyone at our Folkestone store loves checkouts colleague Mavis Mills – so when they found out it was her 80th birthday they made sure she celebrated it in style.

Mavis – who's worked at the store since it opened 16 years ago – was given gifts, flowers and a specially-made cake and her checkout was decked out with banners and balloons too.

She said: "It was lovely what they did for my birthday, I couldn't have asked for anything better. It's such a friendly store, I love working here and I've no plans to retire. Even when I'm not working here, I'm shopping here!

"I know a lot of the customers and they do queue to see me when I'm on. We talk about all sorts of things like the weather and what they've been up to."

Customers were quick to congratulate Mavis and say how she brings a smile to their shopping experience.

Regular customer Maureen Hodges said: "I have been shopping in Asda since it opened and I always get served by Mavis. We always have lovely chats about the weather and what goodies I have bought."

Customer Paula Reading said: "Mavis is part of the furniture, always on the same checkout so we will always go to her if she is working! She always has a smile on her face."

Another of Mavis's regular customers, Anita Ball, said: "I have always queued at Mavis's till. I like chatting with her each Saturday. What a wonderful lady."

And Janette and John Holliday said: "It's wonderful to still be working at her age! Lovely to be served with a friendly smile."

Store manager Liz Richards said she and the rest of her team were determined to made sure Mavis enjoyed her special day.

She said: "We put a Tannoy announcement out to our customers to tell them of Mavis's birthday. She's very popular here and well liked and has people queuing up to use her checkout.

"Mavis normally gets the bus to and from work, but I decided to be her chauffeur and take her home in my car.

"She's a lovely lady who's always laughing and smiling. She was very touched by what we did for her."

The store's community champion Mandy Baker said: "All the colleagues and customers at Folkestone store wanted like to wish Mavis a very, very Happy 80th birthday.

"She is such is a much-loved colleague who gets her regular colleagues every shift she is on. We hope you had a truly lovely day, you deserved it."

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