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Identical twins Aaron and Aston have customers seeing double at Asda Middleton Park

By News & Blogs Team

August 2, 2023 11:32am
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Customers at our Middleton Park store in Aberdeen often do a double take when they see identical twins Aaron and Aston Young at work.


The 17-year-olds have been working part-time in the store for about a year while studying at the Ellen Academy in Aberdeen.

Aaron said: "We work on weekends and some evenings and we are both on produce mainly.

"It's odd in a way working alongside Aston as we live together, go to school together and work together. Being twins we have a very close bond though.

"Customers often have a confused look when they see us working together. We are identical and most people get mixed up, colleagues included. We're often being called the wrong name."

Aston, who's the older twin by a minute, added: "It's good working alongside Aaron as we understand each other and know what we want to do and how we want to do it."

They have recently received accolades after being nominated for their great service by customers.


Customer section manager Louise Crofts said: "Aaron and Aston are so down to earth and so polite and friendly. They will do anything for you. They both do a fantastic job here.

"Their customer feedback is great. They are so willing to help and always go above and beyond. They are constantly on the go. It's a pleasure to have them working here.

"I struggle to tell them apart, I really do. I think I say hello to the same one about three times on a morning. I think we need to get jackets for them with names on the back to make it easier.

"They are willing to jump into help on any department whether it's portering, chilled or bakery so the customers must think they are so quick around the sometimes!"

And community champion Jan Craig added: "They are great lads and both do a fantastic job. They are always smiling and eager to help."‍

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