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Special visit to Asda Canterbury for Harrison

August 14, 2023 03:48 PM

Five-year-old Harrison Cheetham and his brother Harley, who's nine, had a day to remember when they were given a VIP tour of our Canterbury store.

Harrison, who is autistic, has formed a special bond with home shopping driver Michael Richardson, who drops off the family's weekly groceries, and after their story went viral on Facebook it was only fitting that the team invite him to be an honorary colleague for the day.

The store's community champion Theresa Gower said: "We provided Harrison and Harley with personalised hi-vis vests, then took them on a tour of the home shopping pod, a chance to sit in a van and a photo call with some of the drivers who he knows from home deliveries.

"Then Harrison helped label some of the trolleys still to be picked and then he even delivered a click and collect delivery to a customer.

"After the tour over we treated the family to lunch in our cafe where Sharon Barker, e-commerce manager, presented Harrison and Harley with certificates, and to finish the day we had a photo cake printed with a picture of Harrison, Harley and the drivers.

"Harrison was so excited and his enthusiasm and excitement was infectious. Everyone he met in store couldn’t help but smile. Being able to make dreams like this is happen is what makes my job so special."

Harrison's mum Zoey says Michael's deliveries are Harrison's favourite time of the week. Read more here.