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Gosport home shopping driver acted like Chuck Norris to help wheelchair customer after fall

October 13, 2023 10:34 AM

Home shopping driver Barry Carter from our Gosport store has been praised by police for "acting like Chuck Norris" by kicking down a door to rescue a disabled customer who'd fallen out of her wheelchair and had been laying on the floor of her home for seven hours.

Barry was delivering groceries to the regular customer and when he knocked on the door he heard her shouting for help.

Thirty-three-year-old Barry, who's worked at the store for 11 months, said: "She was my second delivery of the day and when I turned up at her house and knocked at the door I could hear her screaming for help.

"I'd been to the property a few times so I knew that the lady, who was in her 60s I'd say, had MS and was in a wheelchair so couldn't help herself."

Barry went to a neighbour who tried to use key to get into the back door of the property but it wouldn't open as there was already a key in the lock from the inside. He also tried her care company, but it wasn't yet open.

"The lady just said to me just kick my door through, so I rang the police to see if that was okay and they said If I felt up to it then go for it.

"I tried kicking the lock at first, but that didn't work so I had to sit on the floor and start kicking the bottom end."

Eventually, the hinges broke off and Barry managed to get inside.

He said: "The lady was on the floor. She asked me to pick her up so I did and put her in her wheelchair.

"She'd just slipped out and had been there since 1am, so about seven hours. She was in a bit of a state, and she had some bruising and marks. I went into her cupboard and got her tablets for her."

The police soon arrived as well as an emergency responder and Barry then continued on his rounds after carrying in the shopping which the police put away.

The lady, who has since recovered from her ordeal, was also attended to by a community nurse and a man from Kier, on behalf of Gosport Borough Council, who came to repair the door and take some additional steps for the customer.

Barry said: "Thankfully she just had a few bruises and nothing was broken. It was a good job I got there when I did as her carers weren't due to arrive for another three hours.

"It's nice to do something for someone. The lady was very grateful. A lot of our customers are elderly and disabled so a lot of the time us just coming round makes their day. I always have a little chat to them and get to know them a little bit."

In a Facebook post, Gosport police called Asda "the A Team" and said: "Barry went completely Chuck Norris and kicked the door in. Not only this, but he scooped the lady up and put her back in her wheelchair!

"This post is just to remind ourselves that when someone is in need, we, as a community come together. Thanks again to everyone that was involved, we can’t do what we do without you." They ended the post with the hashtag #BeLikeBarry.

Store manager Kenny Farrell said everyone at the store was proud of Barry, who's been nominated for an Asda service superstar award.

He said: "It’s always great to hear that one of our colleagues has gone the extra mile, but this is amazing. He is a great example of the wonderful colleagues we have in the Gosport store."

And Barry's manager, Aaron Cox said: "Barry is the type of guy that goes above and beyond every single day. I’m really proud that he is part of our team. I can always count on Barry, he’s a great colleague."

The store's community champion Rachel Webber said: "I wasn’t surprised when I found out what Barry had done. He’s a really friendly caring guy. He’s a real character and so well liked among colleagues."