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Carol from Asda Maryhill goes above and beyond to help homeless people

October 16, 2023 10:24 AM

Everyone at our Maryhill store in Glasgow is so proud of their colleague Carol Cairns who's worked for Asda for 35 years and is well known for going above and beyond both in store and out!

When she's not at work, Carol gives up her free time for the Kindness Homeless Street Team, giving out food and helping homeless people in the city to get off the streets.

Carol, who works as part of the store's ambient team, said: "I tend to do stuff everyday for Kindness, but predominantly on a Sunday and a Monday which are my days off.

"I've been volunteering now for three years. I started during Covid just to help people out. It was good to go out and help people at night time. We delivered hot meals and made sure folk were all right and we kept doing it from then onwards.

"I mainly help out on my own, but sometimes my sister, Susan, comes along to help too.”

Laura McSorley, chairperson of the charity, said: "Carol is an amazing person. She gives up most of her personal time to enhance the lives of others.

"We run a soup kitchen twice per week, we also run a food bank five days per week and a community cafe. The services are for homeless and vulnerable families. Carol makes everyone’s day so much better. She has such a positive spirit and touches people’s lives with her kindness and true compassion. Asda should be really proud of her as a colleague!"

Ambient non-food manager Laura Grieve said: "As a store we are super proud of Carol with all her free time she gives up to help the homeless.

"She strives to do the best job she can, always. She is popular with our customers for being bubbly, friendly and always giving her best service."