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Asda colleagues help pensioners enjoy special Christmas party

November 30, 2017 02:51pm
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Three colleagues from our Leyton Mills store helped guests at a local pensioners' group enjoy a special Christmas party.

Tracie Borg, Louise Russ and Grace Wypych prepared and served food for the Leyton Pensioners' Association, chatting to guests, organising a game of bingo and getting up to dance with some of the guests.

Leyton Pensioners' Association Christmas party
Leyton Pensioners' Association Christmas party

The group, which is run by pensioners, organises local events and activities for senior citizens. Their treasurer Joyce Harding said: "The three ladies were so lovely. They all chipped in on the day and did their best, and it's so nice for us to get a little bit of help.

"The guests were so thankful for an afternoon out to meet people, have a chat, a bite to eat and play a bit of bingo."

Tracie, who's the community champion at Asda Leyton Mills, regularly volunteers with the group. She said: "Everyone had a great time, we had lots of the guests coming up to us to say thank you.

"They had a singer there and some of the guests got up to dance so we joined in! We all enjoyed it too and we're hoping to go along to support next year's event too."

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