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Asda Irvine community champion Jade loves working with her dad Christopher

June 14, 2019 01:24pm
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Happy Father's Day from everyone at Asda Irvine!

The store's new community champion Jade Eldridge will be spending the day working alongside her dad Christopher.

They've worked together at the store for the last 11 years and Christopher, who works in the grocery department, has been there for 13 years.

He said: “I love working for Asda and have the added bonus of being able to work alongside my daughter.

“We always talk about work and catch up on all the latest news. We’re a family at Asda Irvine so it’s just like catching up with friends.”

Jade and Chris Irvine Father's Day

Jade said: “We’re a very close family and we bounce off each other so whenever one of us needs cheering up, it’s lovely to be able to pop over for a quick chat."

Deputy store manager Colin Dobbie said: “It’s lovely to see such great family relationships blossom into friendships here at Asda Irvine. They inspire everyone here to work hard as a team. We are thrilled they are being recognised for the great jobs they have done over the years!”

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