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Asda Longwell Green supports the NHS Big7Tea celebrations

July 06, 2018
Asda Longwell Green celebrates the NHS's 70th anniversary

Our Longwell Green store's community champion Susan Grant organised a tea party for National Health Service staff, Asda customers and colleagues to celebrate the NHS's 70th anniversary.

Ambulance crews from the South Western Ambulance Service Trust came into the store for a Big7tea party, enjoying tea, cakes and sandwiches and chatting to customers.

The paramedics showed children around their ambulance and Susan said: "Everyone had a fabulous time. Congratulations to our beloved NHS!"

As well as plenty of tea and cake, Susan also organised games and fundraising activities, raising over £440.

Susan said: “The NHS is one of the nation’s most loved institutions and the money raised through the Big7Tea parties will make a real difference to everyone who uses the NHS services.

“Customers and colleagues all enjoyed a party celebration with the ambulance staff and paramedics. After the crew left the store later that afternoon, they were called back for a real emergency as we had a pregnant lady giving birth instore. The NHS ambulance service are all truly amazing.”