Here's a list of all the stores stocking our cheese alternatives. Please call ahead to check availability if you're planning a special journey.

Cheddar alternative Soft cheese alternative Grated mozzarella alternative Grated cheddar alternative
Abbey Park Abbey Park Abbey Park Aberdeen Beach
Aberdare Aberdare Aberdeen Beach Aintree
Aberdeen Beach Aberdeen Beach Aintree Alloa
Aintree Aintree Alloa Alsager
Alloa Alloa Alsager Antrim
Alsager Alsager Andover Ardrossan
Andover Andover Antrim Ashton
Antrim Antrim Arbroath Ballyclare
Arbroath Arbroath Ardrossan Barnsley
Ardrossan Ardrossan Ashton Barrhead
Arnold Arnold Ballyclare Barrow
Ashton Ashton Barking New Bearsden
Ballyclare Ballyclare Barnsley Beckton
Barking New Barking New Barrhead Bedminster
Barnsley Barnsley Barrow Bexley Heath
Barrhead Barrhead Bearsden Biggleswade
Barrow Barrow Beckton Birchwood
Batley Bearsden Bedminster Birkenhead
Bearsden Beckton Bexley Heath Blackpool
Beckton Bedminster Biggleswade Blackwood
Bedminster Beeston Leeds Birchwood Blantyre
Beeston Leeds Bexley Heath Birkenhead Blyth
Bexley Heath Biggleswade Blackpool Boldon
Biggleswade Birchwood Blackwood Bolton
Birchwood Birkenhead Blantyre Bootle Orrell Lane
Birkenhead Blackpool Blyth Bournemouth
Blackpool Blackwood Boldon Bradford
Blackwood Blantyre Bolton Bridge Of Dee
Blantyre Blyth Bootle Bridgend
Blyth Boldon Bootle Orrell Lane Bridgwater
Boldon Bolton Bournemouth Broadstairs
Bolton Bootle Bradford Bromsgrove
Bootle Bootle Orrell Lane Bridge Of Dee Burgh Heath
Bootle Orrell Lane Bournemouth Bridgend Burnley
Bournemouth Bradford Bridgwater Caerphilly
Bradford Bridge Of Dee Broadstairs Cannock
Bridge Of Dee Bridgend Bromsgrove Castlepoint
Bridgend Bridgwater Burgh Heath Chadwell Heath
Bridgwater Broadstairs Burnley Chapeltown
Broadstairs Bromsgrove Caerphilly Chatham
Bromsgrove Brynmawr Cannock Chesser
Brynmawr Burgh Heath Castlepoint Chorley
Burgh Heath Burnley Chadwell Heath Clapham Junction
Burnley Caerphilly Chapeltown Clayton Green
Caerphilly Cannock Chatham Clevedon
Cannock Carcroft Chesser Clydebank
Carcroft Castlepoint Chorley Colchester
Castlepoint Chadwell Heath Clapham Junction Colindale
Chadwell Heath Chapeltown Clayton Green Colne
Chapeltown Charlton Clevedon Cookstown
Charlton Chatham Clydebank Corby
Chatham Chesser Colchester Crawley
Chesser Chester Greyhound Rp Colindale Crewe
Chester Greyhound Rp Chorley Colne Cwmbran
Chorley Clapham Junction Cookstown Darlington
Clapham Junction Clayton Green Corby Dartford
Clayton Green Clevedon Crawley Didcot Great Western Park
Clevedon Clydebank Crewe Doncaster
Clydebank Colchester Cwmbran Donnington Wood
Coatbridge Colindale Darlington Dunbar
Colchester Colne Dartford Dyce
Colindale Cookstown Didcot Great Western Park East Retford
Colne Corby Doncaster Eastbourne
Cookstown Crawley Donnington Wood Eastgate
Corby Crewe Dunbar Eastlands
Crawley Cwmbran Dyce Eastleigh
Crewe Darlington East Retford Edinburgh
Cwmbran Dartford Eastbourne Edmonton
Darlington Dartford Hsc Eastgate Enniskillen
Dartford Derby Eastlands Falkirk
Derby Didcot Great Western Park Eastleigh Fareham
Didcot Great Western Park Doncaster Edinburgh Farnborough
Doncaster Donnington Wood Edmonton Farnworth
Donnington Wood Dunbar Enniskillen Feltham
Dunbar Dyce Falkirk Folkestone
Dyce East Retford Fareham Frome
East Retford Eastbourne Farnborough Garston
Eastbourne Eastgate Farnworth Gateshead
Eastgate Eastlands Feltham Gillingham Pier
Eastlands Eastleigh Folkestone Girvan
Eastleigh Edinburgh Frome Gosforth Wansbeck Road
Edinburgh Edmonton Garston Grangemouth
Edmonton Ellesmere Port Gateshead Gravesend
Ellesmere Port Enniskillen Gillingham Pier Grimsby
Enniskillen Falkirk Girvan Halifax
Falkirk Falmouth Gloucester Hartlepool
Falmouth Fareham Gosforth Wansbeck Road Harwich
Fareham Farnborough Grangemouth Harworth
Farnborough Farnworth Gravesend Havant
Farnworth Feltham Grimsby Hayes
Feltham Folkestone Halifax Hereford
Folkestone Frome Hartlepool Hinckley
Frome Garston Harwich Hindley
Galashiels Gateshead Harworth Horwich
Garston Gillingham Pier Havant Hounslow
Gateshead Girvan Hayes Huddersfield
Gillingham Pier Gloucester Hereford Hunts Cross
Girvan Gosforth Wansbeck Road Hinckley Hyson Green
Gloucester Grangemouth Hindley Inverness
Gosforth Wansbeck Road Grantham Horwich Isle Of Dogs
Grangemouth Gravesend Hounslow Killingbeck
Grantham Great Bridge Huddersfield Kilmarnock
Gravesend Greenhithe Hunts Cross Kingswood
Great Bridge Grimsby Hyson Green Kirkcaldy
Greenhithe Halifax Inverness Lancing
Grimsby Hamilton Ipswich Leckwith Road
Halifax Harpurhey Isle Of Dogs Leyton
Hamilton Harrogate Killingbeck Linwood
Harpurhey Hartlepool Kilmarnock Liscard
Harrogate Harwich Kingswood Livingston
Hartlepool Harworth Kirkcaldy Longsight
Harwich Hatfield Lancing Longwell Green
Harworth Havant Leckwith Road Luton
Hatfield Hayes Leicester Abbey Lane Malton
Havant Hereford Leyton Marina (Brighton)
Hayes Highbridge Linwood Marple
Hereford Hinckley Liscard Milton Keynes
Highbridge Hindley Livingston Newport
Hinckley Horwich Longsight Newport Pillgwenlly
Hindley Hounslow Longwell Green Newton Leys
Home Shopping - Enfield Huddersfield Luton Newton Mearns
Home Shopping - Leeds Hulme Maesteg Newtownards
Home Shopping - Nottingha Hunts Cross Malton Oadby
Horwich Hyde Marina (Brighton) Park Royal
Hounslow Hyson Green Marple Patchway
Huddersfield Inverness Maryhill Pentwyn
Hulme Ipswich Milton Keynes Perry Barr
Hunts Cross Isle Of Dogs Newport Portadown
Hyde,Gb Kendal Newport Pillgwenlly Preston Fulwood
Hyson Green Killingbeck Newton Leys Pyle
Inverness Kilmarnock Newton Mearns Queensferry
Ipswich Kingswood Newtownards Rawtenstall
Isle Of Dogs Kirkcaldy Oadby Redditch
Kendal Kirkton Park Royal Rhyl
Killingbeck Lancing Patchway Robroyston
Kilmarnock Leckwith Road Pentwyn Roehampton
Kingswood Leicester Abbey Lane Perry Barr Romford
Kirkcaldy Leyton Peterborough Sedgley
Kirkton Linwood Portadown Sheffield
Lancaster Liscard Portsmouth Shore Road Belfast
Lancing Livingston Preston Fulwood Sittingbourne
Larkhall Longsight Pyle Skelmersdale
Leckwith Road Longwell Green Queensferry Slough
Leicester Abbey Lane Luton Rawtenstall Small Heath
Leigh Maesteg Redditch St Matthews
Leyton Malton Rhyl St Austell
Linwood Marina (Brighton) Robroyston Stafford
Liscard Marple Roehampton Stockport
Livingston Maryhill Romford Stowmarket
Longsight Merthyr Tydfil Rushden Strabane
Longwell Green Middlesbrough Sedgley Straiton Edinburgh
Luton Milton Keynes Sheffield Sutton
Maesteg Minworth Shirley Sutton Ashfield
Malton Morley Shore Road Belfast Swaffham
Marina (Brighton) Newport Sittingbourne Swanley
Marple Newport Isle of Wight Skelmersdale Swansea
Maryhill Newport Pillgwenlly Slough Swindon Haydon
Merthyr Tydfil Newton Leys Small Heath Tamworth
Middlesbrough Newton Mearns St Matthews Taunton
Milton Keynes Newtownards St Austell Thornaby
Minworth Norwich Stafford Thurmaston
Morley Oadby Stockport Trafford Park
Newport Oldbury Stowmarket Trowbridge
Newport Isle of Wight Park Royal Strabane Uttoxeter
Newport Pillgwenlly Patchway Straiton Edinburgh Wakefield Dewsbury Road
Newton Leys Pentwyn Sunderland Wakefield Durkar
Newton Mearns Perry Barr Sutton Wealdstone
Newtownards Peterborough Sutton Ashfield Wembley
Norwich Peterhead Swaffham West Bradford
Oadby Peterlee Swanley West Bridgford
Oldbury Portadown Swansea West Dundee
Park Royal Portsmouth Swindon Haydon Westbrook
Patchway Preston Fulwood Tamworth Weston-Super-Mare
Pentwyn Pyle Taunton Weymouth
Perry Barr Queensferry Thornaby Whitehaven
Peterborough Radcliffe Thurmaston Wigan
Peterhead Rawtenstall Trafford Park Woking Sheerwater
Peterlee Redditch Trowbridge Wolstanton
Portadown Rhyl Uttoxeter Wolverhampton
Portsmouth Robroyston Wakefield Dewsbury Road Yeovil
Preston Fulwood Roehampton Wakefield Durkar York
Pudsey Romford Wealdstone
Pyle Runcorn Wembley
Queensferry Rushden West Bradford
Radcliffe Sedgley West Bridgford
Rawtenstall Sheffield West Dundee
Rayleigh Shirley Westbrook
Redditch Shoeburyness Weston-Super-Mare
Rhyl Shore Road Belfast Weymouth
Robroyston Sittingbourne Whitehaven
Rochdale Skelmersdale Wigan
Roehampton Slough Woking Sheerwater
Romford Small Heath Wolstanton
Runcorn South Ruislip Wolverhampton
Rushden Southampton Wrexham
Sedgley St Matthews Yeovil
Sheffield St Austell York
Shirley St Helens Ystalyfera
Shoeburyness Stafford
Shore Road Belfast Stockport
Sittingbourne Stowmarket
Skelmersdale Strabane
Slough Straiton Edinburgh
Small Heath Sunderland
South Ruislip Sutton
Southampton Sutton Ashfield
Southport Swaffham
St Matthews Swanley
St Austell Swansea
St Helens Swindon Haydon
Stafford Tamworth
Stockport Taunton
Stowmarket Thornaby
Strabane Thurmaston
Straiton Edinburgh Totton (Southampton)
Sunderland Trafford Park
Sutton Trowbridge
Sutton Ashfield Uttoxeter
Swaffham Wakefield Dewsbury Road
Swanley Wakefield Durkar
Swansea Ware
Swindon Haydon Watford
Tamworth Wealdstone
Taunton Wembley
Thornaby West Bradford
Thurmaston West Bridgford
Totton (Southampton) West Dundee
Trafford Park Westbrook
Trowbridge Weston-Super-Mare
Uttoxeter Weymouth
Wakefield Dewsbury Road Whitehaven
Wakefield Durkar Wigan
Ware Winsford
Watford Woking Sheerwater
Wealdstone Wolstanton
Wembley Wolverhampton
West Bradford Wrexham
West Bridgford Yeovil
West Dundee York
Westbrook Ystalyfera
Woking Sheerwater