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Colleagues organise birthday surprise for regular customer Coral

December 6, 2017 10:42am
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Grandma Coral Ballingall enjoys visiting our Hayes store almost every day – and she was "gobsmacked" when colleagues arranged a surprise for her birthday.

The store's community champion Sam D'Souza joined other colleagues to present her with a hamper, flowers and sing 'happy birthday'.

Coral with colleagues

Coral, who has two children and seven grandchildren, said: "I started coming in every day when the store opened a couple of years ago. The people there are so nice. I was just gobsmacked when they surprised me on my birthday. I had a lovely day."

Sam said: "Our cafe colleagues know many of the regular customers really well and we heard that Coral was about to celebrate a birthday.

"We all got together to plan a surprise for her, and got together in the cafe to sing happy birthday to her. She was totally overwhelmed and was nearly in tears.

"We knew she's gluten intolerant, so instead of a cake we got her a fruit basket and a bunch of flowers."

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