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'Go to girl' Sheila celebrates 45 years of working at Asda Castlepoint

May 9, 2018 07:05am
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Our popular colleague Sheila Day has worked at our Castlepoint store for nearly 45 years – and even met her husband Stephen in the aisles.

Sheila joined the store straight after leaving school at 15, and has got to know generations of customers since.

Sheila, who's 60, joined the store in September 1973. She started out working on Saturdays, then moved to full time hours when she was 16.

Asda Castlepoint colleague Sheila Day who's worked at the store for 45 years

She said: "The best thing about the job is meeting people – both customers and colleagues.

"I know customers who used to work here when I started, and some of their children and grandchildren now work here. The store has always had a nice, family atmosphere.

"I also met my husband Stephen here in 1982 when he worked in the security department. We got talking, went on the odd break together and it went from there. We got married in 1986.

"That's how it was in those days. There was no Facebook or online dating – you met people out on an evening or at work!"

The store opened in 1967, and moved to its current site in 2002.

Also working at the store is customer services colleague Sandra Bayliss, who's 72. She joined the store the month after Sheila.

Asda Castlepoint colleague Sandra Bayliss has worked at the store for 45 years

The store's ambient section manager Anna Daysh said: "I've known Sheila and Sandra for more than 25 years. They are great colleagues and do an incredible job. Sheila is there for everyone, she's the 'go to' girl."

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