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Great-grandad Monty still loves working at Asda Tilehurst at 85

November 13, 2017 09:31am
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Meet our wonderful colleague Monty Frost who’s 85 and is “adored” by everyone at our Tilehurst store.

Great-grandad Monty is a popular figure with colleagues and customers and has worked in the store’s produce department for 15 years and has lived in Reading all his life.

He worked as a dustman before joining Asda, and has two children, two grandchildren and one great-grandchild. He’s been married to Sylvia, who’s 80, for 62 years.

Monty at Tilehurst

Monty, who works at the store three days a week, said: "The colleagues are lovely – they’re like friends to me and I really like working with them them. I also like to chat to customers. I love to have a laugh and a joke with people.

“You have to keep working and keep going, this job helps keep me fit and active and I’ve got no interest in retiring.”

His colleague Sharon Smith said: “We absolutely adore Monty. He’s a real character and a lovely man. Nothing is too much trouble for him – he’ll do anything for anybody and everybody loves him.”

The store’s security section leader Nathan Turner said: "If I’m still working at 85 I’ll be a happy man! When I started at the store Monty was a mentor to me, my ‘work grandad’. He’s a very funny man and a very hard worker.

“His job is also one of the most physical in the store. He lifts trays of produce that are quite heavy but it’s no problem to him.”

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