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Hearing dog Isaac is the newest member of the team at our Dundonald store

April 25, 2018 03:16pm
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Meet Isaac – the dog who's the newest member of the the team at our Dundonald store!

Isaac is a hearing dog and helps our personal home shopping colleague Katie Logan, who was born deaf, by alerting her to noises on her journey to and from the store each day.

Katie, who has had two cochlear implants to help with hearing, says he's already proving a hit with customers and colleagues, who've given him his own name badge.

Asda Dundonald colleague Katie Logan with her hearing dog Isaac
Katie and Isaac

Katie said: "Everybody loves him – he's famous and only the 11th hearing dog in Northern Ireland!

"He helps me get to work and getting home again and sits with me at breaktime, but because it's busy in the store he'll usually rest in a quiet room with a bowl of water and a blanket while I'm working.

"At home, he alerts me if the fire alarm goes off or someone rings the doorbell by giving me a nudge on the leg. When my bed alarm goes off, he's supposed to nudge me or put his two paws on me, but usually he just jumps on me!"

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