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How our Falmouth store's community champion Lisa has been helping good causes

August 23, 2018 11:19am
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Lisa Kirkpatrick, who's based at our Falmouth store, is one of nearly 400 community champions who dedicate their time to local communities and charities.

She started out in the role in December 2016. Here, she tells us what the role involves and what she's been up to during a busy summer.

"The role of community champion involves so much. I support local charities and good causes by giving donations, offering my time to help and welcoming them in-store for their own fundraising opportunities.

"I promote Asda Foundation grants, the Green Token Giving scheme and organise fun events to raise awareness and fundraise for our own causes like Tickled Pink.

"To give you an example of what I've been up to over the last few weeks, I’ve recently been rallying other community champions and colleagues to join me to support a local donkey sanctuary’s open day.

"I also helped a local social club fill in a form to apply for an Asda Foundation grant so we can work together to give a group of senior citizens a fantastic Christmas lunch party.

"On behalf of the store, I've presented donations including a big box of tea, coffees and biscuits to a new local support group for parents with disabled children.

"I've also been making lots of phone calls to the recipients of various Asda Foundation grants and Green Token Giving cheques. This month, the amount given out is more than £2,000 – it's been a good month!

Asda Falmouth community champion Lisa Kirkpatrick presenting a Green Token Giving cheque
So many good causes benefit from the Green Token Giving scheme

"To me, the role means giving a supportive arm to a passionate community of people who work so hard for the causes and local groups they want to help.

"To them, the community champion is a welcoming, approachable face, someone they can ask for help and know that it will be given where possible.

"To Asda, we are a valuable link to the individual store’s local community, someone who will demonstrate that this big company really does care about helping people.

"I've worked on so many memorable projects, but the one that stands out is the recent party I organised at the local hospital to mark the NHS's 70th birthday. I teamed up with the community champions from the Bodmin and St Austell stores. It took weeks of planning and preparation but the level of appreciation, the smiles and exclamations of joy from the staff honestly brought a tear to my eye, and reminded me once again why I love doing this job.

Asda community champions at the NHS's 70th birthday
Lisa and colleagues were delighted to celebrate the NHS's 70th birthday with staff at the Royal Cornwall Hospital

"I love to give, and I love donating my time to help others raise funds for the charities and the causes that they are so passionate about."

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