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How we collect our fuel price data

October 02, 2017

How is the fuel data collected?

Our fuel price information is provided by an experienced independent company who gather price data from every open petrol forecourt in the UK and from fuel card users.

How many forecourts do you check?

Our data is gathered from 98% of supermarket forecourts in the UK, 96% of oil company owned forecourts and 71% of independent forecourts. In a given week, we get data from 85% of the UK’s 8,600 fuel forecourts.

How do you make sure the data is accurate?

All the data is gathered electronically and then checked to make sure there are no mistakes.

How do I get in contact if I have a question?

Please write to Asda Petrol, Asda House, Great Wilson Street, Leeds LS11 5AD.