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Irene and Maureen have been friendly faces at our Stanley store for 42 years

November 13, 2018
Asda Stanley colleagues

Irene Stacey and Maureen Taylor have been familiar and friendly faces to everyone at our Stanley store since it opened 42 years ago!

They've worked in many of the store's departments after joining in 1976 and are much-loved by everyone who works with them.

Irene, who's 62, said: "The best thing about working here is the colleagues. Everybody looks out for each other – we're a very friendly bunch!

"You also get to recognise regular customers, particularly older customers who like a bit of a chat – everyone really appreciates them and looks after them.

"When I first joined we had a furniture department and I worked on that. I've worked all over since and got involved in everything really."

The store's community champion Marsha Spence said: "It's just amazing to have Irene and Stacey working here. They're so well-respected because everyone knows they've been here since the start.

"Maureen even works with three of her grandchildren here!"