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Product recall: Rubicon Mango 2L

October 6, 2016 09:07am
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06 October 2016

Rubicon Mango

Batch codes: Feb 2017 6149, Feb 2017 6150, Mar 2017 6176 & Mar 2017 6177
Price: £1.49 Barcode: 500038203306

What’s happened?
As a precautionary measure A.G. Barr is recalling four batches of its Rubicon Sparkling Mango (2 litre) because of signs of fermentation and the possibility that increased pressure caused by this fermentation may cause the bottle to burst. Whilst the product may be unpleasant in taste or odour, it is not harmful to health.

What you should do?
If you have any of the affected products at home please take a note of the full set of codes displayed on the neck of the bottle before disposing of any product, taking care when handling.

The Rubicon consumer care team can then be contacted on [email protected]

If you have purchased this product from Asda, you can return it back to your nearest store where you will be given a full refund. You do not need your receipt.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. If you would like any further information please contact:

Asda Customer Relations – 0800 952 0101

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