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Pwllheli food bank volunteers receive surprise grant from colleagues

December 21, 2017 04:43pm
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Volunteers at Pwllheli food bank received a "wonderful Christmas present" in the shape of a £2,000 surprise grant from colleagues at our Pwllhelli store.

Community champion Jo Scott and colleague Sera Jones headed to Banc Bwyd Pwllheli with Jo hiding outside with the cheque.

When the volunteers opened the doors they were amazed to see Jo with the grant, which they'll be using to pay for a soft play area and toys for children who visit the centre.

Volunteer Ursula Whitehouse said: "This will give us an opportunity to engage with local families, some of whom need more support than we can give at present. The cheque was a wonderful Christmas surprise for us, thank you Asda."

Jo said: "They did a double take when they saw the £2,000 cheque, then I popped my head over the cheque and said 'surprise!'. It was lovely to see them all, they are fantastic.

"Thank you so much to the Asda Foundation – this is going to help this group achieve so much."

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