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School pupils help Jo translate shopping cards into Welsh

February 28, 2018
Pwllheli Happy Little Helpers

A big well done to pupils at Ysgol Abererch who've helped our Pwllheli store's community champion Jo Scott translate our Happy Little Helpers boards into Welsh.

Jo regularly volunteers with the school and pupils have been helping her practice Welsh.

She thought it would be a good idea to make a Welsh version of the boards, which we introduced to make shopping less stressful for youngsters.

The boards were created by our colleague Jenny Barnett last year and show a range of shopping choices such as milk, bread and bananas that a child can tick off once they’ve been added to the trolley. They're available in 300 of our stores across the UK.

Jo said: "I saw it as a valuable opportunity to learn more Welsh – and give the pupils a project to work on.

"The pupils designed their own stickers to add to the boards; I helped out and got a Welsh lesson too!"

Pupils used the completed boards during their visit to the store.

Jo said: "During their visit the older pupils showed the younger pupils how to use the boards. The day was a huge success – and I look forward to welcoming children from other schools in future to do the same thing.

"More than three quarters of our customers speak Welsh as their first language, and as I'm English I'm learning it to be part of my community and speak Welsh to customers, colleagues, family and friends.

"I've been overwhelmed by the kindness, support and encouragement from all local people helping me learn the language.

"Volunteering with this school has really given me the confidence to 'siarad Cymraeg, diolch yn fawr iawn'. They have helped me so much – I've found Welsh is not easy to pick up, but they've made it fun to learn with them."

Annwen Hughes, head teacher at Ysgol Abererch, said: "The pupils worked so hard on the project and it’s great to see them take such pride in the Welsh language.

"The visit to Asda gave all Welsh learners the chance to brush up on their Welsh, and we are grateful to Jo for asking us for our help on this project – the children enjoyed it."

Jo has also put up Welsh language signage on her community board in the store.