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Special Asda milk delivery helps Accrington Stanley celebrate promotion

April 20, 2018
Asda Accrington colleague Sarah Worden with Accrington Stanley players Billy Kee and Kayden Jackson

Here's our colleague Sarah Worden helping Accrington Stanley's Billy Kee and Kayden Jackson celebrate the team's promotion with ... what else ... a special delivery of milk!

In a nod to the classic 80s advert for milk, Sarah, who's a big fan of the team, dropped off the bottles labelled 'Who are they?' for the players to enjoy.

The team have enjoyed a fantastic season and were promoted to League One of the Football League for the first time in their history this week.

Sarah said: "We wanted to support our local team and send them an extra special congratulations because getting promoted is such a wonderful achievement.

"We thought it’d be a bit of fun to celebrate by reclaiming the joke they’ve been the butt of for years and turning it on its head – this win gives a whole new meaning to ‘Who are they?!'"