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We've put the finishing touches to improvements at our new-look Tonypandy store

August 15, 2018
Asda Tonypandy store manager Anthony

We're pleased to announce that we've completed a number of changes at our Tonypandy store – including the installation of a new Changing Places toilet.

The Changing Places toilet includes a full-length changing bench, fully adjustable electric hoist and specialist toilet – providing a safe and clean environment for customers with disabilities.

Store manager Anthony Tranter (pictured above) and the team at Asda worked with Changing Places to understand the needs of disabled users and create the most functional facility in store.

As well as having the right equipment to assist parents and carers, the room also has a lock, which can be opened using a universal Radar Key, to avoid the space being abused. If a customer doesn’t have a key of their own, colleagues on the customer service desk will be able to help.

The campaign was launched in 2006 as a quarter of a million people are not able to use standard accessible toilets. Find out more about Changing Places here.

We've also made the store brighter and easier to shop in, with the addition of our new Scan & Go service.

Scan & Go allows customers to keep track of their spending throughout their shop with a handset that shows a running total of the items they've put in their basket – including all RollBacks and offers.

Find out more about how Scan & Go works here.