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Caring Asda Antrim colleague reunites customer with lost engagement ring

By Barbara Logan (Asda Antrim)

Well done to our colleague Roseleen Gaughan who's been thanked by a grieving customer for reuniting her with her precious engagement ring which she'd lost on a visit to our Antrim store. 

Rosaleen, who's worked at the store since it opened 10 years ago, said she'd put the ring in a safe after it had been found in the car park and handed in by a customer. The next day – when she working on self scan – she noticed a customer who was in an "awful way". 

 She said: "This young girl was crying her eyes out, God love her. I went over to her and she said she was over here from Scotland as she'd lost her mum to Covid-19 and she'd also lost her engagement ring. She was heartbroken. She was retracing her steps and she knew she's been Asda. 

"I calmed her down and I said did she have a photo of the ring on her phone. She showed me and it was the ring that had been handed in. She sobbed and sobbed and I just put my arms around her and said she was meant to find it. I think she just needed someone to give her some comfort. 

"I never, ever do self-scan I'm always on kiosk, but someone put me on self scan that day for a reason. I was meant to run into her that day.

"The customer went away then came back with chocolates and a thank-you card which, after all that was was going through, was lovely of her.  She said I'd brightened up a day that was going to be so dark for her." 

Thank you Rosaleen for being so compassionate.