Asda Ashton helps children to cook at home

By Colette Regan (Asda Ashton)
May 17, 2021

Rebecca Carr, a trainee teacher at Oasis Broadoak, came to collect a donation of ingredients to make four healthy and nutritious meals at home for her Year 2 class who are learning about the importance of a healthy diet. 

Rebecca had contacted us in March saying: "The children have been working hard already and are starting to cook delicious, healthy meals, however, most of my class cannot afford to do the same at their homes. I would be very grateful, and it would show amazing community spirit if I could get ASDA involved." We rose to the challenge and secured her a grant from the Asda Foundation to purchase the ingredients. The donation will mean all the children will be able to replicate the meals they have been learning to make with their families at home. 

Happy cooking Year 2!

– Colette, Asda community champion