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Donation to Local Animal sanctuary

By Jackki Lavender (Asda Bodmin)

We are all aware of the wonderful donations taking place to food banks, care homes etc.... but local to our Bodmin Store is an animal sanctuary that is suffering quite a bit.  

Customers and colleagues have asked if we could help when an appeal was put out for Porfell Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary takes in exotic animals that have been collected illegally often as pets and cannot no longer be looked after by the owners. They are not a breeding sanctuary and heavily rely on visitors to get funding - which they cannot do at the moment due to Covid 19. Therefore we have made a donation of some fresh fruit and vegetables. And colleagues have donated cat / dog biscuits for the lemurs and monkeys - who knew that they loved cat and dog food? A collection is also set up for colleagues to donate more cat/dog food, fence paint and exterior paint for the sanctuary. Helping me with the delivery to volunteer Grace is Sherren  our front end manager.

– Jackki, Asda community champion