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Rethink Food trial Bolton store. 

By Christine Baldwin (Asda Bolton)
May 04, 2022

I took part in the Rethink Food trial with pupils from St Matthew's Primary School.

 The first three sessions began last September. Session 1 was an introduction to the global problems we face linked to climate change with a particular focus on food waste, but most importantly the positive action we can take to solve these.

Session 2 the pupils began to look at the real-life process of setting up a business and the tasks involved in this. They compare the differences and similarities of businesses and social enterprises and look at real life examples. 

Session 3 the pupils learned about the different roles and responsibilities involved in running a social enterprise or community food hub. They explore the tasks, skills, and traits needed in the different roles and then individually apply for the role they feel they would be best suited for. 

The pupils in session 2 got to create a name logo and slogan, this was then used to create a market food stall which is shown in the pictures. Having set up their own Y5 social enterprise students each week give out the food delivery which is delivered by Fareshare to the school. Thank you St Matthew's primary for taking part and tackling the issue of food waste linking to Climate Change, pupils are now eating to save the planet.

– Christine, Asda commuity champion