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Getting Schools Back on Track

By Stephen Bromby (Asda Boston)
December 17, 2020

The Asda Foundation continues to support the community around our store with recent approvals to four local primary schools from the "Getting Schools Back on Track" fund.

The Asda Foundation grant was designed to help ease the pressures that have been placed on all families during the pandemic. Getting children back to school is a priority not only for learning needs but also enables parents to go back to work. The Asda Foundation knows that for many families whilst attending school is a huge positive it will potentially create extra costs at a time when many are struggling to afford the basics, never mind any extras, as a result of furlough or redundancy. The Asda Foundation is committed to supporting those families who need help.

These grants were not available to individual students. It was for schools and PTAs to purchase items on behalf of children or provide additional services.

Park Academy has received £1,000 funding to help purchase items for a school uniform bank, PE kit bank and items for the breakfast club to help offer support to families who may need it.

Wyberton Primary Academy has been approved for a grant worth £1,000 to spend on a school uniform bank, PE kit bank and reading books to support those who need a helping hand though the current situation.

Sutterton Fourfields PTFA has had their application for £850 for a uniform bank, a PE kit bank, classroom stationery and PPE to help support families who need a boost at this difficult time approved.

St Mary’s RC Primary Academy submitted a successful application for £1,000 to help with a uniform bank, PE kit bank, breakfast club and stationery to assist its students who need a little support.

Each year, the Asda Foundation supports local grassroots organisations to transform communities and improve the lives of people living within the area around our store with a number of different grants. Part of my role is to support projects within Boston and manage all applications for the Asda Foundation grants, as groups are not able to apply directly. I’m delighted to have been able to support these schools to receive a combined £3,850 to benefit local families.

More information about funding from the Asda Foundation can be found at its website https://www.asdafoundation.org/ 

– Stephen, Asda community champion