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Derryloran Brownies Cookstown help foodbank

By Janice Gibson (Asda Cookstown)
December 09, 2022

It was lovely to see the Derryloran Brownies in our store filling up two trolleys of food for Liberty Church Food Bank in Cookstown.

The Brownies had celebrated their 90th year earlier in the year and had some money left over from their birthday party. Brown Owl Karen said the Brownies wanted to use the money to donate food to a local food bank and they also saved up extra money in empty Smarties tubes by doing chores for family and friends and then donated that to the food bank fund too. During the their visit the Brownies split into groups, each one deciding what food and non-food would be best to donate. Before they left they entertained our customers and colleagues by singing a few Christmas carols. And of course for their kind gesture and as a former Brownie myself I was delighted to present the Brownies and leaders with selection boxes on behalf of our store.

– Janice, Asda community champion