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Community Support 

January 8, 2021 04:36pm
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In March 2020 our Community role was turned upside down, Helping our Community was about to change in ways we did not expect. Supporting the NHS with donations showing how much we appreciated everything they did, supporting Key Workers, Supporting Schools and Foodbanks, Groups helping to support the community even my local Hospital to say Thanks for everything they were doing during these unprecedented times. I thought my last donation of the year should go to the local hospital on the Critical Care Unit who looked after so many people but not just with Covid-19. So Nell is collecting the donation on their behalf as she is a nurse that works in another Department but even she has supported the Critical Care Team, when they needed that extra support. A very well deserved donation of Goodies which they can use on their shifts. 

Community Support  | Asda Cramlington
Community Support  | Asda Cramlington

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