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Anxiety In Motion

By Samantha Will (Asda Dundee Kirkton)
August 21, 2020

This amazing group helps children that find a mainstream school a bit overwhelming and need a bit more support for learning. During this pandemic there hasn't been much provision for them as the school they were given chance to go to was too far away for them and the surroundings different which is too much change to deal with. So the majority of these kids have been struggling to cope at home and alone. I put together some well being packs with some hygiene products and some sweet treats for them to enjoy. Its these small groups that have found these times most difficult as they dont have the funding and space to create the new normal. I hope these bags let the kids know they are still important and we are still totally woth them. Jacqui, one of the Education Resource Workers came to collect the bags and deliver them to the children.