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Help us Fight Hunger and Create Change in our Communities

By Samantha Will (Asda Dundee Kirkton)
August 17, 2020

In the UK far too many families struggle to food on the table. We at Asda think that is unacceptable and we are striving to fight hunger in all our local communities. Throughout our store you will find small reminder signage of the kind of items the food banks are crying out for. If every customer was able to pick up just one item while doing their weekly shop,  the difference we could make would be incredible. In Kirkton we have some of the most generous customers with some donating over £50 worth of store cupboard essentials every other week which is simply astounding. I'm incredibly proud of my community but I know we can do so much more, so please keep donating to the fight hunger trolley in store. #asdabecausenooneshouldgohungry