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Help for vandalised nursery

By Samantha Will (Asda Dundee Kirkton)
September 23, 2020

I was made aware that the outdoor nursery space at Downfield Early Years had been trashed during the night.

Their amazing mud kitchen had been smashed up beyond belief and their sandpit emptied and all toys broken. I called them to see if we could help put a smile back on the children's faces. So I invited one of the teachers in to the store to pick some things to try get the mud kitchen back up and running. They have the outdoor space split up just now to get maximum use put of it while social distancing is still in effect, so they needed two of everything. This including pots, utensils, baking trays, measuring cups and a basin. I was delighted we could come to the rescue and provide these things. Community is everything and it all begins with the little people.

– Samantha, Asda community champion