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Grants of £17,353 given to groups and schools in the community since start of pandemic

By Samantha Will (Asda Dundee Kirkton)
January 20, 2021

I had a tot up of just how much the Asda Foundation and our store has handed out to support our community since the start of the first lockdown and I even shocked myself – a total of £17,353.50. How amazing is that!

We've given out health and hygiene grants totalling £1,434.25, handed out 600 face masks to care homes in Dundee and presented six schools with grants worth £2,250 for things such as healthy snacks, outdoor equipment and stationery. We also gave six local groups £300 each from our Green Token Giving scheme and a further five good causes received £300 each through our Christmas Giving programme. And to help families over the Christmas period, the Asda Foundation handed out 13 Feeding Our Communities grants to local groups totalling £6,588. Plus, we also donated goods such as food, drinks and toiletries to numerous local good causes and charities totalling £3,781.25. That's why I'm so proud to be a community champion. If you live locally and know of a group that could do with our help, please get in touch with either myself or the store manager and we will do our very best to support you. As you can see from the pictures, some of the donations were before the restrictions were tightened.

– Samantha, Asda community champion