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Spreading the Sunshine

March 8, 2021 04:10pm
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In our store we have a space where customers and colleagues can donate to The Sunshine Box. Last week I put a post up about how The Sunshine Box had been successful in applying for a Supporting Communities Grant and showed you what we purchased with that money. Well after seeing that post, I was inundated with donations for the charity. Here is what Fiona collected from the store yesterday. This will all be distributed to childrens wards in the local hospital as well as outpatients and hospices. These toys and games dont just help the children cope with their treatment, they also make the dr's and nurses job that little bit easier. So thank you to all of you for your very kind donations. 

Spreading the Sunshine | Asda Dundee Kirkton
Spreading the Sunshine | Asda Dundee Kirkton

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