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Veterans outreach support 

By Heidi Ford (Asda Fareham)
June 10, 2020

Veterans Outreach Support is a group I normally go to and support twice a month. It's about combating isolation by giving all veterans of any age a place to pop along to for a chat and a coffee.

It's been hard for them to know how to offer support during this difficult time as the main message is stay home. Kath Hutton contacted me to see if we could help with a donation so that they can send packs out to their members. I was happy to help with a donation of pens, colouring books, word search books and sudoku. These items will help make up the packs and, along with their meetings that have now moved on to Zoom, should help to combat the feeling of isolation that so many are dealing with.

Keep up the good work guys. See you all soon.

– Heidi, Asda community champion