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Ward G5 QA hospital 

By Heidi Ford (Asda Fareham)

I recently received an email from Joanna Knight who works at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth on ward G5 asking if we could help provide some basics for the patients who are under isolation. 

Most patients arrive by ambulance and don't have items with them and being in isolation means they are not able to receive items from their relatives. Joanna explained that many are on ventilator therapy and have a ventilation mask on 22 hours a day whilst remaining in bed, so facial skin care is essential. 

I was happy to say we could help and a donation of tissues, face wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, moisturiser and some lip balms. They where very pleased with the donation we made just as we are so happy that they continue to work so hard to look after our loved ones when it's needed.

– Heidi, Asda community champion