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Cooking with the Rainbows

By Heidi Ford (Asda Fareham)
June 01, 2022

Teaching children how to cook simple meals is a part of my job that I love the most – so it was great to join Rachel from our Gosport store for some cooking with the 2nd Rowner South Rainbows.  

We always try our best to be inclusive of everyone and will often tweak a recipe to allow everyone to take part. This session was a little more tricky than most as we were dealing with several food allergies and going vegetarian, but we didn't let that stop us. We had planned to make tuna fishcakes and home made coleslaw with homemade mayo, which became a vegan tuna substitute fish cake and a soya milk mayo for the coleslaw. The girls enjoyed peeling, chopping and grating as well as whizzing up the mayo. Cupcake (Mandy) the group leader provided a sweet fruit activity to compliment our cooking and fun was had by all.‍‍‍‍

– Heidi, Asda community champion