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West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

By Gary Baines (Asda Ferring)
February 13, 2023

People don't hesitate to call West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service when they are in need of their help and that's why it was a huge honour for Asda to help them.

I delivered products to help their Trauma Support Team (TST) over 30 stations in West Sussex. With its trained Trauma Incident Management (TRiM) practitioners  they recognise and support any of our fantastic firefighters if they should need it. TRiM is a trauma-focused peer delivered risk assessment and ongoing support system designed specifically to help in the management of traumatic events.

I hope that our brave fire fighters never have to to use the TST and I'd personally like to thank them all for their service and for keeping people in West Sussex Safe. 

– Gary, Asda community champion