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Looking after our NHS nurses

May 10, 2021 02:44am
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Hare is Claire a palliative care nurse and also works at the support hub for nurses , this health team look after the well being of our nurses and offer help and support , someone for them to turn to when things get too much and you need someone to talk to. This pandemic put a lot of strain on their well being so Claire was organising little pamper bags to give out at support sessions it was lovely to meet Claire but hard to listen to the struggle nurses went through , I hope our donation helped fill some of those bags and everyone enjoys their treat , a little bath soak, hand creams, body creams ,peel face masks and of course hot chocolate a chocolate bar and more.Enjoy you all deserve it 

Looking after our NHS nurses | Asda Gosforth
Looking after our NHS nurses | Asda Gosforth

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