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Networking success

By Rachel Webber (Asda Gosport)
October 21, 2020

We've had a really positive start to our networking events with over 40 groups signing up to join and it’s been great to see people and find out how they are getting on. 

I'm now running these four times a month, fortnightly one during the day and then one in the evening.  Our next meetings are on Friday 23rd.  We have three groups we are highlighting on this week - First Light Trust, The Centre and Gosport Halloween Trail.   They will be talking about what they do, how you can join in and how they can help you. There will then be a Q&A for each group.  We have also now teamed up with local care homes, veterans groups and schools to offer a penpal service. If you would like to get involved with our networking event or our your group or school would liken to take part in our PenPal activity please get in touch -  


– Rachel, Asda community champion