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Hayes Community Networking Zoom Call

September 23, 2020

Hosted my first 'Supporting Your Community' networking Zoom call. Thank you to all the representatives that joined from Age UK HHB, Women's Institute - Hayes, Hillingdon Samaritans,SVP- Botwell Church, Pinkwell school, Franklin House nursing home and 'My Home Life' - City University. It was great to find out what each group /individuals do to support our community and what support we all need. Valuable contacts are in the making now and looking forward to the next one as I know there where at least 4 other people from our community who could not attend. Interesting answers to the Ice Breaker question card too 🤔 🤭  Fabulous how they recognise my appearance in national TV advert and now in free Asda Magazine (page 69), South West London Stores championing their communities. 

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