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Puzzle books and sweets for Swarcliffe Good Neighbours Scheme 

By Sarah John (Asda Killingbeck)
August 02, 2020

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, Swarcliffe Good Neighbours Scheme (SGNS) ran weekly shopping trips with clients to Asda. This hasn't been possible in recent months due to lockdown restrictions, so instead they've been contacting over three hundred local elderly people and providing help with shopping for those who are self-isolating. 

To help with clients' mental health they've also been putting together packs which include pens, crosswords, sudoku, word searches and sweets, so I was more than delighted to meet Ken Hill, Project Manager, and present a donation of puzzle books and humbug sweets for their clients to enjoy!

  Great job by SGNS – they are very committed and passionate about what they do!

– Sarah, Asda community champion