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Donation for Hovingham Primary School food parcels

By Sarah John (Asda Killingbeck)
August 03, 2020

For the past 14 weeks, Hovingham Primary School have been putting together community boxes to support vulnerable families over the past few months. It started with around 20 families, but this has increased and grown to 130. The community boxes are literally a lifeline for the families. 

The school pack and deliver the boxes weekly and were very grateful to collect our store's donation of eggs, pasta, rice and spread to help them, collected by Sharon Collinson (pictured). Also thanks to Lucie Hutton (Aspirational Leader) for helping to arrange this. Their scheme will continue over the summer and they're also hoping to sustain it once children go back to school in September. In their own words, "the need is scary and necessary in our community''. 

Great job to you guys for everything you're doing to help others!

– Sarah, Asda community champion