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Ellingham Employment Services 

By Grace Wypych (Asda Leyton Mills)
October 07, 2020

Since the beginning of September, Ellingham Employment Services have been emerging from lockdown, re-opening for their customers and, like us all, slowly getting used to the "new normal".

The team at Ellingham Employment Services change lives by enabling people with disabilities to fulfil their potential. They're experts in helping disabled people find and sustain paid jobs, with a team of dedicated professionals who are experienced in integrating people with disabilities into the workplace.

We're very happy to see them back at work, and we're proud to have donated a selection of activities and games for their clients.

Special thanks to all team of Ellingham Employment Services for their hard work and making sure that all their activities are based upon on one or more of four pillars of empowerment: Independence, Work, Healthy Living and Inclusion.

– Grace, Asda community champion