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A busy few months

By Elaine Livingstone (Asda Portadown)
September 21, 2020

As you might know, my community champion time has been limited due Covid-19 and you might all have seen me on the tills or the cash office or most recent filling out and doing the cardboard run. But behind it all In the office I have still been active in community with donations so I thought I'd keep you updated.

We have donated goods worth £1,839 to local good causes and charities in the Portadown area. We've also supported Craigavon Area Foodbank throughout the pandemic and helped the Trussell Trust to donate 7182.61 meals. Please help if you know a group that have been supporting on community with food parcels deliveries or phone calls ect. The Asda Foundation is giving away £300 to six local groups. Nominations have to be in by  30th September. Forms are on my community board.

– Elaine, Asda community champion